Tuesday, 24 February 2009

gee's bend quilts

How wonderful are these quilts, from the Gee's Bend Quilt exhibition. These beautiful quilts are works of art in themselves, they remind me of collages, or paintings, like something from Mondrian.
From the website:
"The Freedom Quilting Bee was a women’s quilting collective in Alberta, Alabama, near to Boykin or Gee's Bend. It was founded in 1966, out of the civil rights movement. Some of the women whose quilts are represented in the Quilts of Gee's Bend exhibit once made quilts for this economic collective. Others did not. Nevertheless, it is through this earlier collective that Gee's Bend came first to be known for its quilts, for the strength of its community and the resourcefulness and artistry of its quilters."
I love the simplicity of these and the reuse of fabrics. And the story behind them, their stories and social context. If you haven't seen the whole collection follow the link to see them all, so many fantastic designs.
I've been thinking about quilts a lot recently, I certainly don't need another project but I've always wanted to make one. A really simple small one! We'll see :-)


  1. Beautiful, I think the top one is my favourite.

  2. Amazing, and so inspiring... thanks for sharing.

  3. oh! i have been eyeing two books on these at my work.. i think ill try to make a quilt this year! (hope its ok to link you to a post?)

  4. Thanks! They are amazing and wonderful. I'm so glad I helped share them with more people :-)

  5. Marie, of course that's fine.

  6. Amazing, and so inspiring... thanks for sharing.


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