Wednesday, 4 November 2009

patchwork knit

I've already finished three squares of my knitting project. It's fun! I've stuck with simple designs so far and I love how quick they are to finish. I think experienced knitters would be a bit worried at my choice of wools (I am!). I'm just realising now that though they all say 8 ply they are widely varied thicknesses. Which might pose a problem later on when they come to be joined together. Spotlight had a pretty limited selection the other day though when I was there, and I chose for colours rather than matching gauges.

I'll see how I go. Perhaps if I juggle stitch number and needle size I can get them to be a similar shape. Perhaps!

Oh, and here are a bunch of roses for all the lovely people who left such nice comments on my last post. Thanks :-)

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  1. Love your patchwork knitting. I agree with you that you have to work on the good vibes in order for the to sometimes come along naturally. Planet Flowergarden is not always roses! But good at the moment. Thanks for visiting my blog and enabling me to find yours.


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