Monday, 8 September 2008

I love - paper cuts

Just lately I've come across some beautiful examples of paper cutting. What amazing skill and patience it must take. I've had one small go at cutting and it is as hard as it looks. If you want to have a try you should definitely check out Skinny Laminx's wonderful papercut tutorial which is really well explained.
Here is one of the amazing series Elsa Mora has made for a new exhibition. I love the image as much as the technique. She is a wonderfully talented artist and her blog is full of inspiration.

Kirigami is a new term to me which I discovered when I followed a link to Kanako Yaguchi's site. We did some in the guise of snowflake cutting in my sons' art class a few weeks ago :-) but who knew it could be so beautiful. This is definitely something I'm going to try again. Below are some of the images from her work.

Oh and I love this wallpaper which reminds me of papercutting:


  1. Thank you so much Susie for this post!
    Paper cutting is such a fascinating form of art.
    The process is very relaxing :)
    I really love the wallpaper piece, so creative.
    Congratulations on your blog and beautiful Etsy store!
    Elsita :)

  2. I'll have to try again. The results are so beautiful. I don't know how relaxing it would be though if you cut the wrong bit off!
    Thanks for visiting Elsita and for your kind words :-)


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