Monday 30 November 2009


Wow! What a fantastic response to my RickRack giveaway! In the end I had 123 comments!! You all left such lovely comments too! I was blown away by all the lovely, thoughtful and enthusiastic words about my first fabric design RickRack. Thank you all so much.

I used the good old Random Number picker to choose a winner, lucky number 23 - Kylie - who said "Fabulous giveaway! Your yardage is just gorgeous :) K"
Thanks Kylie, I'll be in touch to get your address.

I really wish I could send you all a piece of RickRack. As the next best thing I'd like to offer everyone a special Blog Discount of $8 a fat quarter (not including postage) for the Strawberry RickRack fat quarter pack. All blog readers can use the code line BLOG at checkout and I will refund your discount straight away through PayPal. This deal will be open till December 4th so I can send in time for Xmas. Click here to go to the shop.

A lot of you came from Rita's RedPepperQuilts blog. As most of you know Rita is the quilting queen! She makes the most beautiful quilts and her blog was one of the main inspirations behind my first quilt. I'm sure I'm not alone! I sent Rita some pieces of RickRack to thank her for the invaluable advice she gave so generously this year when I was struggling with my own first quilt.

So I felt really honoured when she included my fabric in her regular Sunday Stash post! Thanks Rita :-)

Friday 27 November 2009


A while ago I introduced you to some of the new colours I had printed in my tea towel range, teal (a happy accident), black on white Filigree and the Blossom design in purple (sold out!).
I haven't got round to showing you these two yet, mostly because they are so hard to photograph, something about the yellow means the photos don't do justice to this lovely sunny colour.
The other day I had another attempt to capture them and I am much happier this time with the outcome. So please welcome Yellow Filigree on White and Yellow Filigree on Unbleached Linen to the Flower Press shop.
Unfortunately I can't print all the colours all the time, so if you like these grab them now as there are only a few of each.

Thank you to everyone who has entered the RickRack sample giveaway already (below), I've been really touched by all the lovely comments about my new design. Its open till Monday so still time to enter.

p.s. I wouldn't mind if this box still held mangoes, but I'm pretty happy its filled with all these Flower Press orders, especially knowing that a lot of them are destined for Christmas parcels. I love that! (Makes me think I should get to my Xmas shopping soon!) Happy weekend everyone.

Wednesday 25 November 2009

2nd and 3rd birthday giveaway!

Reading today on the always inspiring meetmeatmikes blog about Pip's third blogging birthday reminded me that I somehow missed celebrating my second etsyversary and blogoversary this month!
I've been a bit distracted by the excitement of producing my first yardage print. So to celebrate I'm offering up a RickRack sample pack, with a fat eighth of each colour Aqua and Strawberry.
The giveaway is open to everyone near and far.
And don't forget to visit meetmeatmikes to enter all the other fab giveaways, my it seems like Christmas!
Leave a comment below and I'll draw a name out on Monday next week.
Thanks :-)

Tuesday 24 November 2009

the first cut

How amazing to have bolts of fabric, my very own fabric!
It was quite intimidating though standing there, getting ready to make that first cut. I got my two best pairs of scissors out, and thought a bit. I got my rotary cutter and quilting ruler and thought a bit more! Finally I found my cutting mat, a tape measure and I was ready to go. I took a big breath and cut...

Slowly but surely I got the hang of it...

Fat quarters and fat eighths sample packs in the shop now.

Monday 23 November 2009

wip - afghan squares

I've made a bit more progress on my afghan squares project, I'm up to seven completed blocks now. The last couple I adapted from Knitting on the Net's comprehensive stitch library.
The squares from the book are all approximately 33 or 34 stitches across so I try and adapt the patterns to this size.
I'm still paddling in the easy section of the pool though - mostly purl and knit combinations, though there has been a bit of YO and a smattering of K2together. Yesterday it was over 40 degrees celsius in Sydney. Luckily our old house is double brick and we managed to survive inside insulated somewhat from the heat. Not exactly knitting weather! A cool change came in very early this morning though and today it is 20 degrees and overcast. I might take the chance to cast on another square tonight.
(p.s. My favourite so far is the moss stitch in grape. Closeups only because as you can see I haven't sewn in ends or blocked my squares!)

Sunday 22 November 2009


I love this treasury so much that I was going to post a picture of it today. Not surprisingly it made the front page this morning, to my great excitement. I looove that masking tape, those earrings, that dress and... oh well all of it really.

Thursday 19 November 2009


I'm so proud and excited to be able to finally introduce the first, debut Flower Press yardage print - RickRack!!

(And no, it's not flowers. I know - I'm surprised too! But don't worry, the next one on the drawing board is definitely floral.)

RickRack was originally inspired by my dear friend Kate's skirt, denim with a border of rick rack, lace and other ribbons sewn around the bottom. I always admired the different trims together - I love rickrack, broderie, daisy laces and ribbons. There's something so retro but classic about them. They speak to me of the current crafty revival, of the recognition of all those past crafting skills, the care and love in hand sewn.

Rick Rack is initially screenprinted on a lovely midweight linen/cotton (55%/40%) fabric. Thanks to all the fantastic input you gave me I know that we all love natural fibres, in a midweight with great drape. This fabric is not too heavy and not too light, its just right. I'm hoping it will be good for quilting and craft projects, cushion covers and clothes.

I hope you love these colours as much as we do. My daughter and I are crazy for this turquoisy blue I've called Aqua and this Strawberry red is a classic.

Anyway, I only have these strikeoffs to start with but I'm going to be offering some extra special Pre-Order deals. I'm hoping to have fabric stock within a fortnight but until then I'm offering five Strawberry Fat Quarter packs for only US$10 each, a saving of 20% on the full price (email me if you'd prefer the Aqua).

I have stock now! Aqua here and Strawberry here. Still on sale for a short time!!!

Wednesday 18 November 2009


OK, sorry for shouting but I picked up my yardage strikeoffs this afternoon! Yay, I've been waiting for this moment for so long. Here's a sneak peek, much more tomorrow as promised. For now real life calls and I have two small soccer players waiting to go to their game. Please come back tomorrow and see the design and the other colour I'm getting printed. There will be some pre-order deals for blog readers.

jesse's girls *

Yesterday I got this lovely parcel from my friend Jesse of jezzeblog and jezzeprints fame. Such a sweetie she was only meant to send me the zip purse but she's spoiled me and sent this quarter of blockprinted fabric as well. Thanks Jesse!

I love this new vintage ladies pattern, I think its got such a great retro graphic look. And the printing, as always, is exquisite. If you haven't been do check out Jesse's shop - her little zip purses and her brooches would make great Xmas presents.

* with apologies to Rick Springfield!

Saturday 14 November 2009

hello world

Wow, I've just been looking through my blog stats, I like to wander through there and have a look at who's reading. It always amazes me.
Stop and look around you - see those people reading next to you, they come from all over the world, literally. This list is from just the last eight days!

Turkey * Canada * Singapore * Argentina * Kazakhstan * Brazil * Ireland * Saudi Arabia * Portugal * Poland * India * El Salvador * Ukraine * South Africa * Greece * Netherlands * Malta * England * Pakistan * Australia * Germany * Spain * US * New Zealand * Korea * Mexico * The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia * Russian Federation * Indonesia * Vietnam * France * Scotland * Italy * Belgium * Israel * Hong Kong * Malaysia * Thailand * Estonia * Romania * Chile * Bolivia * Sri Lanka * Lithuania * Armenia * Honduras *

Thanks everyone for visiting Flower Press :-)

Adding some more:
Finland * Japan * Taiwan * Hungary * Ukraine * Hong Kong * Estonia * Croatia * Belarus * Colombia * Iceland * Latvia * Norway * Denmark * Austria

Still collecting:
Switzerland * Trinidad & Tobago * Sweden * Czech Republic * Kyrgyzstan * United Arab Emirates * Peru * Slovenia *

Friday 13 November 2009

sculpture by the sea

I'm a bit late this year, Sculpture by the Sea for 2009 finishes on Sunday. Here are some pics from yesterday's trip around the cliffs. The huge straw sticking out of the sea near the start was really popular, the flow of people was stalled in quite a few places as people attempted to take trick photos of their friends sipping from it. I must look on Flickr to see if any were posted!
The green pea pod was amazing in motion, a sort of optical illusion as it turned upon itself. There were some fantastic coloured flags too, dancing on the coastal winds.
As ever the natural beauty of the Bondi to Tamarama cliff walk was a major star in the show. If you ever come to Sydney please promise me you'll walk this path. Here is the Bondi Icebergs sea pool illuminated by a ray of sunshine.

There was a controversy about this little lost boy appearing without a swimming costume, the artist was made to put some on him but went out the night before the opening and cut them off!
Have a great weekend everyone.

handmade holidays

Yay, so exciting! I've been dying to share this with you for ages.
My Tomato Filigree tea towel is featured today in the Handmade Holidays series on the SewMamaSew blog. Each day of November a new topic is showcased on this amazing site featuring fantastic tutorials, fabric designs, recipes, ideas and a 'buy it' idea.
And today the topic is Clean and Tidy and my tea towel has been chosen to help you do that in style :-)
Some of the other daily topics have been pamper, play (check out the campfire kit) and adorn.
I've been reading this every day and the ideas and projects have been really wonderful. This is such an inspiring series. Today for example they show you how to make soap and panettone and there is a giveaway for Bend the Rules Sewing by Amy Karol. All you have to do is leave a comment.

Wednesday 11 November 2009


For a while now I've been putting aside envelopes, collecting the different security patterns which come across my desk. I love the different patterns you can find. But the envelopes have been sitting poked into a drawer out of sight.
I love paper garlands. I'm intrigued with the idea of sewing paper together, something I never would have thought of if I hadn't seen it online.
Somehow though these two thoughts came together in my busy brain and today I put a little time aside to make these flag garlands. They are so simple to make, I made up a template of triangles and cut into my collection. And then I just sewed them together.
I love the blue and white patterns and its a nice way to display them together, it recycles all those used envelopes, and I love the flutteriness and the slightly see-through quality of the garland. Even better, strung from one end near a window they are very mobile, quietly twirling and spinning around.
(p.s. for more beautiful envelope patterns look at this flickr set.)

Friday 6 November 2009

little parcels

I've 'fessed my love of old buttons before. The other day I made the mistake of wandering through Ebay, with the result that two little parcels arrived in my letterbox today. One contained lots of big buttons which would be great on bags, and the other had these floral beauties - still on their original card. And they're boil proof, how lucky is that ;-) Have a great weekend.

Wednesday 4 November 2009

patchwork knit

I've already finished three squares of my knitting project. It's fun! I've stuck with simple designs so far and I love how quick they are to finish. I think experienced knitters would be a bit worried at my choice of wools (I am!). I'm just realising now that though they all say 8 ply they are widely varied thicknesses. Which might pose a problem later on when they come to be joined together. Spotlight had a pretty limited selection the other day though when I was there, and I chose for colours rather than matching gauges.

I'll see how I go. Perhaps if I juggle stitch number and needle size I can get them to be a similar shape. Perhaps!

Oh, and here are a bunch of roses for all the lovely people who left such nice comments on my last post. Thanks :-)

Tuesday 3 November 2009

ups + downs

Hello! I hope you're having a good day :-) I am, after a couple of weeks of feeling pretty ordinary I've suddenly begun waking up again feeling focussed and positive. It's not a big deal but I wanted to acknowledge that things aren't always perfect here at planet Flower Press. Just lately I've been really pleased to read the same on a couple of blogs I read. Artists with doubts about their work and online life, Bloggers who suddenly feel like they're talking to themselves!

I think some of that goes with working creatively whether you are a designer, crafter or blog writer. The work is very subjective and sometimes you wrestle a bit with it trying to make it look like you wanted. And then you send it out into the world to be judged and that can feel a bit vulnerable. A week of big sales can make you feel fantastic, but on the other side of the coin a slow week can make you feel blue.

It helps that I woke this morning to find Flower Press had been featured on the front page of Etsy, in this beautiful treasury. And on top of that I've been featured here on Laura Trevey's lovely blog - "Bright Bold and Beautiful". Thanks Laura.

What I wanted to say though was that I was feeling good before that. I wonder sometimes if those good vibes make their way into the world and attract good things. Sometimes I think you've got to work at being happy and at some point it starts to happen on its own!