Tuesday 24 May 2016

clay journey

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My blog voice is rusty.

I have been back to this space many times, trying to craft a post, to get the machinery moving again. But the longer you stop the harder it is to start again.

So please accept this photo heavy post about the part of my creative life that is getting the most attention and taking the most of my time - Ceramics.

I want to document this part of the journey before I travel on further. You can see how I ended up here by using the #clay tag which I've added to all my ceramics posts.

Its all about clay at the moment, which you will know if you follow my instagram @flowerpress, or definitely if you've seen my new clay themed account @flowerpressclay!

There is something about the meditation of throwing in particular, the slow journey to improve at this very difficult skill that is consuming all my creative brain.

And it can't be rushed, so I'm learning patience along with my practice.

After a few weekends at the wheel I have a big batch of thrown pots now sitting waiting for decoration and to be fired. But this post records some of the pots I've made so far this year, before I rush off to that next batch.

As you can see I've tackled handles, and found them not quite as scary as I thought. There's something wonderful about the shapes they make and the magic of their strength.

I've also experimented with different styles of decoration too, wax resist, mishima, crackle glaze, underglaze and pooling glaze.

I promise another blogging in the not too distant future.

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  1. Lovely makings. I can imagine this would take up a lot of time. Not something like knitting where you can take it with you too. What are your thoughts on the amalgamation? I use to live in Newtown and worked for Marrickville Council before I moved to the bush.


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