Thursday 31 January 2008

beautiful country, beautiful people

Both of these photos are taken in Hoi An in the centre of Vietnam. This ancient city is full of tailors and artists. The candles were put out by a fisherman to thank the gods for a good catch and the photo below shows the fishing fleet coming in with their catch.

Crossing the road!

When we were in Vietnam last year these crossing signs made us laugh! We used to call them the tourist crossing signs because they look like they're running! You have to be very zen to get across the road in Ho Chi Minh City, walk, don't stop, don't run.

Our Vietnam trip predates this blog but I thought it would be nice to show some pictures of our wonderful times there.

Sunday 27 January 2008


This is one of my new favourite colours. Is it chartreuse?
Taken at my parents' farm.

front page!

Thank you to the lovely syko for featuring me in her treasury which made the front page on Monday.

I only got about two minutes, literally, to savour this before the cards were sold but luckily I got a screenshot and I was around to see it :-) I wish though I'd got the other items in, the bottom row, there were some great things.

Monday 21 January 2008

Roadside Bouquet

At one of our rest stops I found about ten different wildflowers (weeds?) growing in the grass. Small treasures :-)