Saturday, 22 November 2008

bon voyage

One of the boys' best friends is moving next week. The three of them have been close friends for the last three years since kindi. I wanted to give him and his little brother something personal as a leaving present. Something to keep the connection. I wanted to make it and not just buy a toy.
I had an idea the other day for this, a letter writing post pack. I love this idea and if I'd had more time I could have added to it endlessly!
Included are some coloured envelopes from my stash, some different sized coloured papers, fine liner pens (so grown up) in four different colours, some blank postcards for them to draw pictures on one side, some stamps and some blank folded cards. Also in the pack were some stickers. You could also collect addresses in a little book, add some rubber stamps and an ink pad, though I wanted to keep it flat so it didn't add to the packing and it was portable.

All of this in boys colours and packed in a neat little plastic folder to keep it all safe and then wrapped in a block printed tote.


  1. What a lovely idea. Nobody seems to write letters anymore and there is nothing more exciting that getting a letter in the post!

  2. brilliant. absolutely brilliant!

  3. Nothing like a good letter, I hope we get one! Thanks everyone.


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