Thursday, 13 November 2008


Here are the baby chicks as promised, very sweet though I haven't managed such a great photo. The bales of hay are in a field on the road into town yesterday morning. Someone had added to them overnight. It gave us such a big smile. Taken on my camera phone standing on the side of the road with the cars whizzing past.


  1. lol about the bales! My Dad took me to Ballarat as a kid and someone cheeky had cut a smile and eyes into the two very manicured hedges at the front of a house we drove past - v. funny! The little chicks are cute - what breeds are they? You live in a nice part of the world. I love your prints too by the way.

  2. That pic just put a smile on my face. Didn't know that bales could be cute! And the little chicks! So lovely...

  3. My parents live here, they have land in the Northern Rivers area, it is indescribably beautiful, but raining too much at the moment to get a good photo!
    Glad the bales made you both smile :-)
    p.s. chicks are mix of australorp, plymouth rock, white

  4. I love the agricultural graffiti!


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