Monday, 8 June 2009

fruit scrolls

I have to show you these scrolls that I made with my Artisan dough. I chickened out on the ultra rich caramel scroll recipe I linked to. It just seemed like such a lot of butter and sugar and I felt like all I'd done this long weekend was eat!
So today I got some of my brioche dough out (quarter of the master dough quantity) and pulled it into a ball. I let this sit while I mixed some dried fruit mix, brown sugar and melted butter. Enough to cover the rolled out mix which was 40cm x 30cm approx.

I then rolled it up and cut it into eight which fitted perfectly in my greased springform cake tin. This was left an hour to rise and then baked for 30 minutes only at 180CÂș. They seemed a bit dry when I got them out so I mixed an icing sugar and water mix and poured it over. This disappeared into the scrolls but you could taste it later. Oh and turns out they weren't dry at all.
I loved these scrolls. You can taste the briochiness! I bored everyone again by saying, 'Isn't this good? Isn't this yummy?' The kids are well trained and just agree but J starts to roll his eyes about the eighth time. And then he agrees :-)


  1. Yum Yum, I could eat these right now.

  2. I am exactly the same. On the rare occasion that I make something delicious, I love to make my family VERY aware of just how delish it is!
    These look stunning.

  3. Yes, I can be a bit overly enthusiastic :-) They were YUMMY though!


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