Tuesday, 16 June 2009

quilting progress

On the weekend I cleared the sitting room floor rug and laid out my quilt sandwich. Backing, batting and quilt top. Using advice gleaned from many sources I first laid out and cut my batting. I then smoothed the ironed quilt top over it and rolled the whole thing up. Then I laid out the joined, washed and ironed backing. Again I smoothed this out without stretching it and secured the edges with masking tape. I rolled the batting and quilt back over this and carefully pinned it from the centre out.

I take back everything I said about the expensive quilt pins :-) I love them and they made it easy to join my three layers. As you can see I pinned each white square. When I turned the sandwich at the end it looked pretty neat.

I've started sewing the horizontal quilting lines, using my walking foot and (fingers crossed) things are looking good. I love the way it has suddenly transformed into a quilt.

Next step is finishing the vertical quilting. I've had some hiccups on a couple of seams with puckering so I'm going to unpick and try again. And then I need to think about a border...

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  1. wow that is looking terrific and thanks for the description of how you sandwiched the layers - will mostly definitely employ your methods next time I try! I'm also hunting for a walking foot for my machine after reading some comments on your other posts. Looking forward to seeing more - your sewing looks extremely neat! and the fabrics you've picked work really nicely together.


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