Friday, 31 July 2009


I love the term wip (work in progress) which I first discovered in blogland, though sometimes it seems everything I do is eternally in progress and never complete (can you tell I'm having a bad week!).
Here's a peak at a wip I've been playing with for a while - my rick rack pattern in four different colour stories.
I haven't quite worked out the repeat but one day I will and then its off to spoonflower to print!
In the meantime I might post some more of my wips, it might help me get round to finishing some of them!!


  1. I think you should extend the repeat to include the two stories on the left - as one - and the two stories on the right - as one.

    It allows a smaller and larger stripe feeling to play at the same time.

    Looks great!

  2. Yes i like the idea of sharing the WIPS (I am embarrassed to admit how very long it took me to work out what this meant the first time I saw it written on a blog!). It's like making yourself accountable!

    (now as for the skirt pattern I am going to write you an email! Thanks for your very lovely comments!)

  3. oh except I can't find an email address for you! Want to email me and I will email some details back? It's

  4. Thanks for your feedback, I love it :-) I've emailled you both too!

  5. Please do! I love seeing WIPS - and then finally the finished product.


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