Tuesday, 24 November 2009

the first cut

How amazing to have bolts of fabric, my very own fabric!
It was quite intimidating though standing there, getting ready to make that first cut. I got my two best pairs of scissors out, and thought a bit. I got my rotary cutter and quilting ruler and thought a bit more! Finally I found my cutting mat, a tape measure and I was ready to go. I took a big breath and cut...

Slowly but surely I got the hang of it...

Fat quarters and fat eighths sample packs in the shop now.


  1. God, how have I missed all this yardage excitement?! It looks fab! And the colour choices are perfect, I'd have gone for exactly those two shades.
    Nice work :)

  2. Hi Anna,
    Thanks for the lovely words and excitement. I'm so glad you like the colours too!

  3. Great fabric in great colours!


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