Monday, 23 November 2009

wip - afghan squares

I've made a bit more progress on my afghan squares project, I'm up to seven completed blocks now. The last couple I adapted from Knitting on the Net's comprehensive stitch library.
The squares from the book are all approximately 33 or 34 stitches across so I try and adapt the patterns to this size.
I'm still paddling in the easy section of the pool though - mostly purl and knit combinations, though there has been a bit of YO and a smattering of K2together. Yesterday it was over 40 degrees celsius in Sydney. Luckily our old house is double brick and we managed to survive inside insulated somewhat from the heat. Not exactly knitting weather! A cool change came in very early this morning though and today it is 20 degrees and overcast. I might take the chance to cast on another square tonight.
(p.s. My favourite so far is the moss stitch in grape. Closeups only because as you can see I haven't sewn in ends or blocked my squares!)


  1. Great work.. I love the colours.
    I cant knit, well I suppose I could if I tried... My mother was a wonderful knitter and I wished I had taken more time to learn with her while she was still with me.

  2. Thanks :-)
    They look sweet together don't they?
    Karen if I can knit these I'm sure you can too!

  3. These are looking great! I'm so tempted to stop what I'm working on and start knitting squares.


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