Tuesday, 20 October 2009

300 posts!!

300 posts! I can't believe it! That's a lot!

I promised a celebratory GIVEAWAY in the 300th post, but I'm still catching up on things now the kids are back at school. Come back next Monday, my time, and I promise it will be up.

In the meantime, here are some things that have been occupying my time and brain! These are fabric samples for my first yardage print. I'm so excited but anxious about taking this step, its something that I've wanted to do for so long. I'm still a way off but once I get strike offs I'll be sharing them here.

I've always dreamed of Flower Press producing yardage, locally printed on natural fabrics. Now its actually going to happen! One of the (many) steps along the way is choosing fabric and I've managed to track down a great range of samples.

I've narrowed it down slightly from the million samples I have, but if you have a preference, some experience or any other input, as always I would love to hear it. For next week's giveaway I'll be asking readers to leave a comment about fabric preferences. So please come back then and share your ideas with us (me!).

Oh, and all blog followers signed up by then will get an automatic entry to the giveaway too :-)


  1. mmm closed weave, mid-weight, natural, avoid drill or 100% cotton it has no drape and can feel cheap, crunch it in your hand does it crease too much? If your pattern is very open (not much ink coverage) then avoid white base cloth- it gets dirty really quickly. You probably have thought of it all and these are just my thoughts...

  2. congrats! of course I love linen, but a lovely organic cotton can be nice too! Good luck with the yardage, can't wait to see it!

  3. I feel so lucky to have such wonderful comments and advice! Thanks so much for your clever ideas.
    The thing I like about cotton is that it is so versatile but I understand what you are talking about with the feel and quality.
    Unfortunately jules i've found organic fabric is hard to source here and very expensive. As are the eco fibres.

  4. Yay happy 300th post! Man that's a LOT! I'm only up to 80 something - probably 'cause I read more than I write!

    And I am literally shaking with excitement at the thought of you printing yardage! Yowzers how exciting! And I'm with Amy on fabric preferences.

    Can't wait to see how this new creative journey unfolds x

  5. 300! That's a milestone - congrats! Enjoy playing with the fabric swatches.... I think the most important thing is the feel and drape of the fabric, whatever its fibre content, but good luck with the choosing!


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