Friday, 23 October 2009

learn to knit - patchwork afghan

I enjoy knitting, its like meditation. And while I'm not quick or experienced I really enjoy patterned knitting - the type that uses stitches to work a design. Ambitious! But if you work carefully they are usually just a mixture of purl and knit.

The last two scarves I've made have had quite intricate designs, the seafoam design I made last winter and another, shown below. I can't remember the name of this design, I adapted it from somewhere. It's not great as a scarf though as it rolls inwards! (Please admire the beautiful bakelite stitch counter my dear MIL gave me from her stash :-) )

The other day at the library I found this book 200 knitting blocks (Aussie version here) and something clicked. A while ago I was admiring this gorgeous blanket on Rummage's beautiful blog. So that's my new project (no I haven't finished my sashiko!). A patchwork afghan. It's a long term project, its nearly summer here so probably not a great time to be knitting, but I like the idea of small squares which can be knitted individually and sewn together down the track. They are small and quick to do and all those different patterns will keep it interesting I hope. I'm hoping to venture into the world of cable when I get more confident.

I'm going to choose five colours of wool, some neutrals and pale coordinating colours (I couldn't wait though so this one is leftover from the scarf - I think it matches my new front door!) but does anyone know any good wool places in Sydney apart from Spotlight?

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  1. Oh, I'm tempted to start another knitting project! I love knitting stitch dictionaries, I want to try every pattern, and this seems like such a good way to do that.


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