Friday, 30 October 2009

natural, linen, cotton, vintage, japanese fabric

I loved reading all your comments about fabric.

"Natural fibres"

It seems there is consensus, we all love natural fibres! I've always been drawn to these too - something about the feel and natural qualities of these just feels right to me, and to most of you too :-)

"Feel and drape"
A few of you mentioned the feel and drape of fabric being important. This makes a lot of sense and I can see how different blends enhance this quality.

"Organic fabric"
I really hope that these will become more freely available in Australia and less expensive soon. I'm sure there is a big market out there. It's funny, a million years ago I helped design catalogues for Greenpeace when they first introduced their organic cotton t-shirts. I wish we'd come a bit further in the meantime.

"Vintage, overdying, geometric prints, japanese designs"
I got excited just reading about all of these. Isn't fabric great!! Come back next week and I'll show you pictures of the fabric I've bought to print on!!!!

And now to announce the winner of the giveaway, the very helpful random generator gizmo has chosen - Ellie who said "i love using natural fibres - lots of hemp and organic cotton, and little linen. as well as vintage japanese fabrics. ooooohhhh. anything pretty really.
but love handcrafted fabrics the best!
lovely giveaway you have."

Thanks Ellie. If you contact me with your address I'll pop your prizes in the post.

Thanks again everyone for helping me celebrate my blogging milestone. Its my blogoversary next week, two years. Crazy. But lots of fun. I think I'll be here a while longer.


  1. Yah. How exciting.
    What wonderful news to get - to spark me up for the work I've got to get finished tonight!
    Thank you so much.

  2. Congratulations on your blogging mile stone! and thank you for your lovely helpful comment on my blog recommending those fab scissors, I've only gone and bought them!! I'm going to post about it in the next couple of days, so thanks again for the recommendation, I really appreciate it!Lisax


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