Wednesday, 7 October 2009

tea towel rainbow

Yesterday I snapped this pic of my full range of tea towels stretched out in rainbow formation. It makes me happy to see all the colours I've used in the past year. Not so practical perhaps to be printing so many different colours, but I love the range and its been fun to experiment.

I haven't listed the teal towels yet (5 and 6 in the picture), but expect to see them in the shop when I return from our time away. I'll be gone a week, wish us luck with the weather gods. Back with photos late next week.

I'm hoping to get a bit more organised then (!?) and list more stock for Christmas. I found some block printed towels cleaning up yesterday that will appear finally and I'm going to get some more cards in store in individual packs. So if you've been after a Teapot or Ruby Slippers card you can buy them in singles or sets.

I think this post is 297 and I've written one that will post while I'm away, 298. Come back next week for 299 and 300 and I'll have that promised giveaway!


  1. It's really good to see the array of colours all together...they look great!

  2. Great colours - a variety is good - yay for experimenting!

  3. yey! I love those teatowels of yours the designs are really beautiful xxx also massive kisses for the requested comment my way though you are one who does leave me notes :-) so double kiss!

  4. now that's my kinda rainbow! Very lovely Susie. Hey and have a great break at the beach! x


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