Wednesday, 20 January 2010

pinch me!

In the last week I've seen my name appear on three lists, and each time my heart has leapt!

It started the other day with a post that Margaret from Konstant Kaos wrote about Australian Textile Designers. She was encouraging us all to buy Australian fabric on Australia Day (January 26th for non-oz readers) - what a great idea (I'm thinking free shipping for Australia on the day?). She included my name in her list of amazing textile designers, people I have admired for so long! So seeing my name in their company is literally a dream come true.

Then yesterday I noticed some blog traffic coming from Moopy and Me, the blog of softie designer and Umbrella Prints textiler Carly Schwerdt. I went and had a look and saw she has compiled a list of Tea Towel designers, again a really great and clever list (love those Lush ladies!). She also talks about her Flower Press tea towel and how... but hey, you better go and read it yourself!

Last night, the cream on the cake came when I went to see (and vote for) some of my mates on Poppytalk's indie designer and crafter Oscars - The Poppies. What a great idea this is, honouring some of the amazing artists out there. Jan and Earl are such fantastic promoters of indie talent and small business. And then I was scrolling through the comments in the Favourite Handmade Textiles section, when I saw my name, wow! It might seem a little thing - but to me it really marks such an important achievement.

The categories are all being voted on this week. I'm not sure if I'll be included when the final vote is up (I promise I'll tell you) but you can go and vote now for Handmade Ceramics, Crafters or Accessories. I did but, oh dear - so hard to choose! Even better you can see the voting as it happens, and find some great new sites!

Anyway, quite enough blowing of my own horn, just had to share it all with you guys :-)


  1. Hey, thanks for the shout out .. I was thinking of doing free postage on Australia Day as well!


  2. oh, congratulations susie! you deserve every bit of attention. xx


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