Thursday 7 January 2010


Well I'm late with this mosaic - but what a year 2009 turned out to be!

This year I made my first quilt, expanded the designs and colours in my tea towel range, made a new gocco print, did lots of knitting and designed my first yardage print! In between there was more of the usual - cooking, embroidery, gardening and sewing.
The start of the year is such a great time to take stock and plan for the future, I'm mentally writing a wish list of projects for 2010 which includes sewing clothes, producing a letterpress print, papercutting... And I definitely want to produce some more yardage!
I'd also like to draw more and I think I'll start posting some of it on here, to keep me motivated.

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  1. What a great year! I look forward to more designs and colours in 2010. I often think about your beautiful yellow flower tea towl.


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