Tuesday, 19 January 2010

This year...

Looking around blogland it seems many crafters have hit 2010 running and I'm feeling very slack already. Its lovely to see so much inspiring stuff happening so soon in the year and I'm enjoying getting caught up on it/in it all, after a week away from the computer.

As for me I'm heavily into post holiday mode - I have no energy for practical things and I'm floating vaguely round the house, stepping round the piles of washing and half unpacked suitcases, writing to do lists in my head.

Little A turns 12 tomorrow today! Luckily I bought all her presents before I left so I'm ready despite my lethargy. We bought her high school uniform yesterday and she looks most grown up in it. That brick on the head isn't working!

Our annual camping week at the beach was great, as always, though our tent flooded halfway through in a big storm! That was quite a challenge and required some lateral thinking (and a brief moment of despair)! It led me to my new invention - the car-dryer. To use put damp camping mattresses in the car with all windows up, then turn the heater on for ten minutes every hour until dry, leaving them to sit in between. Thank heavens it worked a treat, I think you could use it for clothes and towels - though we went to the laundromat for the quick fix.

But I'm sure all of you snowed under in the Northern Hemisphere don't want to hear about the swimming and boating and fishing and camp cocktails. The fresh barbecued squid we ate, the perfect days of lying on the beach staring out to sea...

Anyway, I'm back now and full of things to share. More tomorrow! Here are some photos for you of roadstop wildflowers. I can laugh now but just imagine all the other travellers sneaking bemused looks at me out the corner of their eyes as I crouch down in the roadside weeds at the rest stop with my macro lens!


  1. Lovely pics - you never what you might find in the unlikeliest places. Nic

  2. Yes the year seems to be running ahead at high speed. Glad you had a good holiday. Ours was also hot here in South Africa!

  3. So delightful to hear about your holiday and your car dryer and camp cocktails:) I can relate to your crouching by the roadside. Wild flowers and weeds look so much better the lower you go.

    P.S. thankyou for your lovely and warm comments on my blog, especially when I was unwell x.


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