Sunday 17 February 2008

peony print

A busy weekend, spring or rather late summer, cleaning.
Had time to quickly adapt a peony cutout I made last month into a fabric repeat using the colours I've been into recently, a sort of deep red with what I call turquoise.
These are echoed in my recent favourites, below.
I have experimented here with different combinations. Not sure which I like the best but perhaps the blue flowers on red. The colours haven't reproduced here exactly as I want, the blue is a bit more yellow and the red not quite right.
I've signed up for a fabric printing course in May so I'm trying to do some experimenting so I can get the most out of the course. I think it will be great!


  1. This is beatutiful! You will do so well if you are this good before the course!
    Being around people like you and Jesse from Jezzeblog and SkinnyLaMinx has really aroused my interest in printing too. I think I would sign up for a course like that if I had one close to me.
    Well done!

  2. Thank you, you have made my day with your lovely compliments and for including me in that wonderful company (I love those girls' work). BTW I was only admiring the lovely images on your blog yesterday, I'm sure you would make some beautiful patterns :-)

  3. Thank You!
    Look Forward to hearing all about your course!


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