Tuesday 15 December 2009

another year

My Etsy anniversary and blogoversary and flickrversary come one on top of each other in November. And then in December I have my wedding anniversary a week before my birthday and all two weeks before Christmas in the crazy busy end of the year! So usually its a blur.
This year though I got to pause for a moment and go out to a swishy Greek restaurant with my little family on Friday, and then yum cha lunch with some special friends on Monday. I feel well spoilt and well loved.
Yesterday I got so many thoughtful presents. Mr Flowerpress bought me some really lovely things, like this old printing block and the vintage bakelite thimbles. He bought me a truffle in a jar and a copy of Handmade Nation (all by himself, no direction!) and even op-shopped some vintage fabric amongst my other presents :-) How cool is he.

I got this lovely Elk brooch from a friend, an organic cotton bag, a printed cotton apron, a great Kikki K calendar (I will be organised next year), I got some thrillers to read over Christmas, a garden nursery voucher. Each present I opened showed the person knew me and had really thought about the gift. And then they all rang me :-) I felt very loved.
Today a little Etsy distraction arrived and I had to include it here. The lovely Mitsy from Art Mind is such a special person - so nice to deal with, and look how she packaged my little birds. I bought two so I could give one away... but I think I might have to buy a third! I love her series of emotions based on a simple shape too.


  1. Congratulations on the first year anniversary. For me, most significant is December - bought my Janome 6500 last year, officially opened my Etsy shop and got my two sales this year.

  2. Hip hip hurray for all your birthdays! Wow, that's a lot all at once! You make beautiful pictures! I'll have to find you on Flickr! :)
    Thanks so much for loving your singing bird! He was very excited to get to you and I'm so happy to see him in such loving home! Enjoy!

  3. Gorgeous gifts! I'm a sagittarian too so understand how the whole birthday thing gets a bit mushed into xmas. Happy Birthday!

  4. Lots of Congratulations and Well Dones and Best Wishes and a big Wow for an amazing husband!!!

  5. Happy birthday! have a great day and Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, have a wonderful Christmas and a happy and healthy 2010! Lisax

  6. Your gifts are fabulous- happy everything day! what a thoughtful and talented husband choosing such things! xo m.

  7. Congrats for all of those!! (The thimbles are so lovely....)


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