Friday 30 July 2010


More fabric in the mail - but this time its my own design :-) Do you remember the Spoonflower cheater quilt contest I entered. I ordered these proofs at the same time (in fact all the fabric I've received this week has been a long time in the coming, I'm not sure why they all arrived at the same time - though I'm certainly not complaining!)

I've had Spoonflower designs printed once before and I was curious to see the quality of the product since it came out of Beta, and also I was curious too to see how my designs printed up. So I ordered proofs of both my cheater design and the floral print I used in some of the squares.

I'm really pleased with the quality of the printing, which to my mind has improved noticeably since last time. The finish on the dyes is much smoother and the colour match is excellent. All my colours look very close to how they did onscreen. Which also means happily that my artwork and colour specification were correct. If you look here you can compare it for yourself with the artwork I sent. In fact if you are a regular here you have seen most of the steps involved as I worked toward the repeats.

The quilting cotton is quite light and thin, I think I'd prefer it a slightly heavier weight, but it has a lovely fine texture. (I'm tempted to order enough of my floral print to make pillowcases because this fabric is really smooth against my skin and I love fine cotton against my face.)

I love all the different repeats, the green spots, the love hearts, the chicken spots! I also really love the colour palette. The limey green is especially fantastic but I also love the deep pink and the orange. And the fine detail in the numbers design is wonderful. Yay!


  1. I love that cheater quilt design. Has the comp been judged yet?

  2. Don't you love it when the proofs arrive exactly how you wanted 'em? Lift your arms in the air lady! Fabulous stuff.


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