Sunday 5 December 2010



More borrowed cleverness - lovely Mel (from little things) posted this advent calendar she whipped up on her blog this week. I loved it from the minute I saw it and then noticed she'd included a bit of my RickRack fabric in the making, which really made me smile. Mel says I can share it here, she is a sweetie like that. Even more impressive is she made it with help from her three year old and a tight deadline. She says its in the 'rushtic' style, I think its perfect. I love the different stitchings and colour combination.

Maybe next year I can convince the kids to give up the cardboard versions!

I think these fabrics would look great as a quilt. Mel kindly shares where she got the other ones on her blog here.


  1. What a wonderful take on the advent calendar. "rushtic" love it!!

  2. gorgeous! love the fabrics and colours , beautiful!

  3. That is gorgeous!Thanks for sharing x

  4. What a great idea!! You could really get creative in terms of the treats you put inside each pocket for the kids!

  5. Mmmmm - so much fabricky goodness!

  6. Great advent calender. Such a great idea. Wish I had time to make one of my own! Have fun, Lisa


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