Monday 17 January 2011



What a week.

It's hard to believe that Australians are facing such a huge natural disaster so soon after the devastating Victorian fires. Reading the international news I know too that we are not alone with our weather extremes. It seems all too common these days to read about record fires, floods, winds and heat and the lives, homes and businesses lost.

After the Rockhampton disaster and with the flood waters heading for Brisbane we contacted family and friends there. While their neighbourhoods were all affected we are so relieved that their houses weren't. Sadly though so many others were.

Being away camping means we have missed a lot of the flood coverage.  In a way I'm not sorry about that. The stories I have seen have been dreadfully upsetting. What great courage people have shown, many losing their lives saving others.

How fantastic it is then to see the generosity in financial and hands on aid that is being given now to help those affected. For those of you in other countries who might not have seen the front page stories, armies of willing volunteers are turning up in flood affected suburbs dressed to help in boots and gloves (today's Herald says up to 100,000 of them!).

Like so many others who can't help physically I am donating to the cause through the Premier's Flood Relief Appeal. And though I'm quite out of touch with my blog reading I know that lots of crafters are donating handmade goods and other items to the cause. Such a generous bunch, make sure you help support their efforts, I will be.


  1. terrible isnt it. A reminder to mankind to respect the earth we live upon and to tread carefully and with consideration for the consequences.

  2. I donated money last night through Woolworths who will double any donations and having spent so much through Woolworhts in the past, I'm quite happy to take advantage of that!

  3. I've been meaning to email and say thanks for the extra t towel. I gave it to my mum and she LOVES it.

  4. WOW that map shows it up really well. Good on all the people that can volunteer such a great spirit.


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