Friday 27 May 2011

Brooch Swap Linky list

Its two weeks today since I sent out partner details for the Brooch Swap and some wonderful people have already made and sent their brooches, gold stars to them! Not me, I wish I was that organised but I must admit I need a bit of deadline pressure to get my creative energies flowing. No need to panic though we still have three and a bit weeks to last post on June 21st.

Whatever stage your brooch making is at - drawing board, cutting mat, packaging - we'd love you to share it here. Blog about your progress and process and use the link list to share. Don't be shy, join the fun and post about your making, or even the lack of it. Then visit some of the other swappers and see the what they've been up to.

Also if you're one of the lucky ones who have already received your brooch blog about it and add a blog link here. Post some photos of it pinned to your favourite outfit, or nestled in your jewellery box.

Of course don't forget to add all your brooch pictures to the Flickr set. And come and see the amazing work that's already there.

Links (below) are open for a week and can be added until then, so keep checking back to see how the other swappers are going.


  1. This brooch swap is the sweetest idea.

  2. hello! thanks for popping by my blog. i love discovering new ones and i see you are the brooch swap girl. such a lovely idea. i love this community.

  3. Too late for the linky thing but I've blogged about the brooch swap here:
    I received a lovely brooch today, thanks for organising this it's been great.

  4. Love all the links! Thank you! :)


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