Thursday, 5 April 2012

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My brother and family made a flying visit to Sydney last week. With him was artist Gulumbu Yunipingu whose work is represented in a wonderful survey show in the Museum of Contemporary Art's new wing. Its part of the Marking Time exhibition and if you have a chance to see this work go. The curator has done a wonderful job of bringing together some of the best pieces of Gulumbu's amazing work from galleries and collectors around Australia. Its truly breathtaking.

I'm not a fan of the outside of the gallery extension, I love the old building and I think this detracts from it, but the inside I loved. I can't wait to take the family back to explore, hopefully over Easter. I think modern art is really accessible and interesting for kids (and adults too!) and there are lots of interesting pieces and spaces for them to explore.

A bit of creative stuff is happening in between the other. My Norie is getting there now I've finally got through the lace bands. I don't think I'm made to knit lace, those stitches still keep getting lost and confused. In fairness though that might be a symptom of my busy week and divided attention!

I'm hoping to do more knitting and cooking over Easter too. I want to make some homemade lemonade from the recipe used for our school fete on the weekend. I helped out on the lemonade and lollipop stall and I know from the feedback that this one is a winner! I'm also looking forward to time to play with my new toy. After researching and longing for a new food processor for ages I finally tracked down a bargain Magimix on Ebay last week. I plan to try out all the attachments in the next few days. Last night we used it to cut onions for our home made pizzas, amazing! And if I ever need julienned carrots, I'm set.

The real discovery of the night was this pizza dough recipe which I've been meaning to try. One cup self raising flour and half a cup of yoghurt (I used greek). Mix together, roll out and add toppings. That's it! And it was so delicious. We usually buy tortillas or pita bread or turkish bread to make our homemade pizzas but from now on I'm going to do it this way. Add our usual toppings - kalamata olives, ham, salami, thinly sliced and cooked onion or zucchini, feta, baby tomatoes, mozzarella, smoked oysters, anchovies, bocconcini and home made tomato paste (two cans of italian chopped tomatoes in a pan, add about a tablespoon of sugar, half a can of water and cook it for half and hour or till thick.) Delicious!


  1. The pizza dough sounds like a winner! x

  2. LOve that first image... gorgeous! I haven't been to the new look MCA yet... I really liked to old building too... hmmmm... we will see!!! Looks like a busy easter for you... have a good one :)

  3. What a great idea for a pizza dough! I'll be trying that one too!!

  4. Sad I wont see the Gulumbu exhibition, that top image looks amazing - but thanks for the pizza dough recipe, will definitely give it a whirl. : )

  5. That pizza dough recipe sounds quick and easy!

    Even very experienced lace knitters have to concentrate on their lace patterns!


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