Thursday 7 June 2012

my creative space - shop


Years ago I worked as a web designer, and I still enjoy playing with code. I love the mix of maths and design, and the special language of html and css! It appeals to my inner nerd.

For a while now I've been wanting to have my own space online for selling. Etsy has been wonderful to me over the years and I will always keep that shop, but for local buyers who want to buy in Australian dollars and find me more easily through my website, an independent shop selling in Australian currency is the perfect fit.

I've set up shop with bigcartel as they offer a cheapish option with no commission and just a monthly fee. The big cartel design is customisable too, you can fiddle with the colours and fonts etc with no coding experience, or you can off-road it and attack the css and html yourself, starting as I did from one of the free templates on offer and tweaking till it fits your design.

So though it may seem a funny thing to post for my creative space, this is literally how my creative time has been spent this week. The shop is newly open, so to kick it off, and see if it actually works (!) I've put a few of the items on sale for my lovely readers.

This week get the 'Collection' print, Yellow Bricks fabric or Chalk on Unbleached linen tea towel at bargain Australian currency prices, meaning you and I don't pay the exchange rate. I'll throw in a Ruby Slippers card too for each of the first five orders!

Meanwhile my Etsy store will change back to US currency for overseas customers. (Prices are a little cheaper in my shop due to the exchange rate at the moment, and all will be going up a little soon).

And please tell me if something doesn't work or looks funny. I need you to help me roadtest!


  1. It looks great! Hope your gorgeous items do really well in your new shop. :)

  2. Congratulations, Susie! I'm so glad to see this - I wish more people would realise how important it is to have your own space. :-)

    *high five*

  3. You great big geek!

    (works super spiffily my tea towel purchase was uber streamlined, thank you very much)...

  4. All looks good. Somehow I managed to buy a FQ so I'd say it's working pretty well!!

  5. Perfect timing with the currency doing it's crazy fluctuations! I really like Big Cartel.

  6. Love your new shop... it looks great! I use to be a code geek in another life too.... lots of fun... when it all goes to plan :)

  7. The new shop looks fabulous Susie! Congratulations :) I think it's a great idea and I hope to get to that stage one day. I've been immersed in computer-land too lately... slowly getting rid of all the 3 Sheet things and moving everything over to my paravent website. I haven't done the webpage yet but I've moved all my correspondence to (and in the process I've lost all of the blogs I follow!).. :( Anyway, I'll get it all worked out soon. So happy to see how beautifully you have it organised - very inspirational! :) Kx


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