Saturday 13 April 2013

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I'm really sad about the demise of the Gocco printer, this little Japanese system got me into screenprinting way back in 2007. It was actually the simultaneous discovery of Gocco and Etsy that set me on the road to my Flower Press business, and blogging, and all the wonderful rest of it, way back then.

My twin boys had gone off to preschool that year, and I suddenly had time to get back into some creative work. I'd finished the horticulture studies I'd been doing while they were little (my little spot of brain space after having three kids in three years!) And I was feeling the need to make again. So when I saw the Gocco it was love.

I'm a big fan of printing in its many forms, and the idea of being able to produce and print my own screens at home was, and is, a revelation. These days I'm still working on making my own screens and printing them, but its a much bigger more complex production than with the Gocco!

Riso the company that make Goccos shut down ink and bulb production in 2008, and while there are stockpiles of materials still available, it doesn't look like an alternative supply will come along any time soon. It seems like the end of Gocco style printing.

In today's Sydney Morning Herald there's an article in the Design section of Spectrum (with a picture of me!) about the Gocco story with comments from Karena Colquhoun (Magic Jelly), ghostpatrol and me. Its a nice acknowledgement of the Gocco phenomenon, and I'm pleased to have helped celebrate it before its gone.You can read it here.

That's me with my little PG-11 printer in the photo. I still have some supplies, hidden away, but I'm loathe to use them, and sad to think about the end of this much loved art.

I still sell some Gocco prints and digital copies of Goccos like my well loved Ruby Slippers and Teapot prints above in my shop, which I have finally updated. I'm hoping to have some new products and designs in there soon too, and maybe a giveaway so watch this space!


  1. So nice to 'see' you Susie!!
    I do love your prints and so enjoy seeing my red teapot every morning :)

  2. Hey there gorgeous Susie! So great to see you. :-)
    Such a bitter sweet article too. I keep hoping someone will sort it out now, at the nail-biting eleventh hour - Pleeeease!! I love my Gocco!

  3. About to pop over and read the article. So lovely to read your 'story' xx

  4. Hi Susie, I have wondered many times about buying a Gocco, but had heard that they were out of production. Pity, isn't it. Nice article - yours and the newspapers. Enjoy it while it lasts, I suppose. Keri

  5. Hi Susie, great article and post, it's such a shame about the demise of gocco:( I'm planning new prints at the moment to use my supplies but doubt I'll be able to get any more as shipping costs to the UK are so expensive now...It's a real pity as it's such a great piece of kit and really fun to use.

  6. I love those little red shoes!!! :-)


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