Monday 22 July 2013

playing around

playgroundplaygroundScreen Shot 2013-07-22 at 1.02.28 PM

On an impulse a few weeks ago I joined up for the Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search. One of the attractions was the chance to receive a professional illustration brief and have it judged by a range of amazing judges. The brief was a vintage playground image for a journal cover.

Time has been a bit scarce since I signed up, so it took a bit of a mad scramble to get an entry ready to submit. I'm glad I made the effort though, I taught myself some new Illustrator techniques and it was fun to get my illustration brain working again. Here are a couple of snippets of the final design.

Did anyone else enter? I notice the facebook group has 2300 likers, so I'm figuring I'm not alone!


  1. It looks excellent Susie! Love the textured look... gorgeous! :)

  2. Wonderful ...and like the comment above...the texture gives life to the design.

  3. These are gorgeous Susie! I love the kite, a symbol that epitomises childhood for me :-) Good Luck! Mel x

  4. Your designs look fabulous Susie - good luck! :)

  5. These look great! The texture and bright colors are so appealing. Keep us posted on the results. Good luck!


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