Monday 28 October 2013



Inspired by my baby steps in embroidery on Carina's blog hop, I picked up this neglected Alphabet Sampler kit a few weeks ago. I bought it from Alicia Paulson's Rosy Little Things shop way back when. The kit sold out but if you are interested the pdf pattern is still available here.

I am in love with the base colour of the embroidery, and love that the design is screenprinted on to the fabric. It is helping me practice my embroidery stitches without too much thinking as the colours and stitches are all specified in the notes.

One thing I changed from the supplied kit was the needle. I found the short thin embroidery needle a pain and kept pricking myself. I wasn't enjoying it. I don't think that the work suffers for using a larger needle and it keeps me happy. 

I'm also liking the embroidery crewel that comes with this, for those of you who haven't used it its a yarny sort of thread, different to the flosses I've used before, it doesn't separate as much as the floss and seems more immune to snarls, I like it. It looks much like the floss in the embroidery too, despite its woolly feel.

I've discovered too that embroidery is a great travel craft! Small, portable and involving minimal tools. Check! Perfect in fact for throwing in the bag as you walk out the door. Just the thing for our recent Hawks Nest trip.

I would be interested in knowing what needle the rest of you use. And your preference for floss or crewel? Or any clever advice. As usual, don't look too closely, and yes it is crumpled, from the travel you know!


  1. That's gorgeous!!! And what a wonderful way to learn new stitches! What a pity the kits are sold out. I'd have been VERY tempted to bag myself one!!!

  2. The portability aspect of embroidery is one of the reasons I love doing it so much. I just can't be bothered with all this different needles for different jobs/ threads thing. When you find one you like you stick with it! Looks like a fantastic kit, great colours and stitches. Fun times!

  3. This is so lovely. I hope you keep up the embroidery as I think it suits you well! x

  4. This is so lovely. I hope you keep up the embroidery as I think it suits you well! x

  5. It took all my craft will power to not buy this kit when it came out, perhaps just buying the PDF isn't really stashing? It's looking good


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