Friday 4 April 2014



I'm loving having my own pottery wheel here at home. Its been great to be able to practice whenever I get a chance, especially since my ceramics course has ended. I am still a complete beginner on the wheel and I feel like I need to put in the hours to change that. Its also been nice to have time and space to concentrate and learn.

I love throwing but it is maddeningly hard, and I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in that opinion! One day I might have a good day and feel I've moved forward in my skills. But just as I feel I am starting to get the hang of it I will have a session like yesterday when I go back to feeling like a complete beginner and ruin every pot I attempt!

I haven't fired any of my pieces. I'm waiting to collect up a good batch to take to one of the local firing places. I kind of love them though in their greenware or unfired clay forms.

I'm enjoying playing around too with decoration techniques. From my readings there is almost a limitless range of ways to decorate your pots, and in my usual overly ambitious and enthusiastic style I am impatient to try as many as I can!

So far though I've only bought one glaze, a black underglaze. I bought it to play at mishima - incised and glazed pieces like this bird above. I haven't quite got it, My glaze seems to sponge out of the incised marks so the glazing is a bit faint, but I will keep trying. I think I need a wax resist to paint over the outside to protect the unglazed clay before I carve.

The spotty design was made with wet paper cutouts stuck to the clay and then painted over. Another experiment which needs more practice but I do love the dots.

The leaves and flowers are just painted, with the added details on the leaves scratched out later.

I'm sure you can see the flaws in my work, I can!

I wanted to share and document my beginnings here though, in case any of you were interested in ceramics or having a go yourself, but also to have a record of this fun creative journey.


  1. I love them, love the shapes of them all.

  2. I love the dot one especially, I used to hand coil bowls and have always wanted to get able to use a wheel but think I will have to wait until I retire to get enough time for a new hobbie! Part of the fun is the surprises that come out of the kiln for me, sometimes the effect not what you planned but lovely all the same.

  3. They just look so AWESOME Susie!!! Love your creations especially the spotty one... I am rather partial to spots! I can't see any flaws... and if I could they would be beautiful handmade ones!!! :)

  4. I'm really impressed by you're work with ceramics, it's awesome! Congratulations!
    I've always loved hand made ceramics and it unique aspect. I can't
    see any flaws, and the decoration experiments are incredible too.
    Make me want to try one day.

  5. So great to see all of this as you go along! I absolutely love the leaves.

  6. These pieces don't look like a beginner's at all, they are beautiful! You are clearly a natural.

  7. They're lovely Susie, and despite what you say they look really professional to me. I'm surprised you can hold yourself back from getting some fired and using them! I especially love the leaf design

  8. they're so beautiful, you're a natural x

  9. Wow Susie! What a lovely craft to explore. These look great, I particularly love the leaf bowl. I can imagine it would be so satisfying and soul-filling too. I found this link on Pinterest a while ago, it gave me tingles down my spine, its so serene. Thought you might like it:
    x Alisa


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