Thursday 19 June 2014



I promised exciting making news last week, and here it is - I bought a kiln! 

I've been stalking Ebay for ages now, waiting to find a secondhand kiln that didn't cost very much and could work on domestic power. I love the idea of being able to experiment at home with my ceramics, which is why I accidentally got that pottery wheel too.

The less exciting news is that it will take time to get our wiring adjusted and put in a dedicated circuit so that I can finally plug the kiln in. So in the meantime I will still have to fire my work at the local ceramics shop which means a long drive and a wait until they have a full load for firing.

That first batch of bisque pieces have had their final glaze applied and gone back for a last firing. Luckily batch two, the newer pieces that just needed bisque firing came back in a few days.

For those of you that don't know, bisque firing is the preliminary firing that sets the clay hard. A second, hotter glaze firing is needed to really set the clay and the glazes and give the piece its finish. So its quite a looong process. Hopefully it will all be quicker when I have a working kiln and hopefully I can show some finished pieces soon!

I made up some rough test tiles to use in my kiln when its ready, for a first test firing. These sample my stock of underglazes (I got a few colours for mothers day!) at different strengths and with different finishes.

Actually I quite like these as little pendants or decorative tiles. I must make some more.

Recently I also caught up with the ABCD social girls at the Etsy Craft party. We had fun gossiping while we embroidered and modified old photos. Its always fun to see everyone, craft people are nice people, so if you are local and haven't been I recommend it. Its always nice to be among like minded craft addicts!


  1. Wow, lucky you Susie, a kiln of your very own! Sounds like you've been seriously sucked down the the ceramics rabbit hole - in the best way possible :-) Love the very top image with the clouds pieces. Will you show us again when they're fired - I'd be so interested to see how they change. Alisa xx

  2. Oh my goodness Susie these are simply divine. I love your aesthetic, hitting perfectly between naive and modern (or so it seems to me)

  3. I'm so in love with the little birdie cup. I hope a kiln at home means eventually there might be some lovely pieces in the shop.

  4. You brought a kiln! That is so cool and I am so jealous! I have been eyeing off a ceramic workshop that I would love to do. I haven't played with mud since my Uni days and I have grand ideas, but a five week old baby! Hopefully next year. I'll be coming to you for advice! Your pieces look so lovely and you have achieved so much so quickly. Looking forward to seeing more. :)


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