Thursday, 21 August 2014


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This week is brought to you by chartreuse and her sister saffron. These favourite colours are obviously dear to my heart because when I chose yarn colours for my granny hottie along with Kate they were the first ones in the pile.

It might have something to do with this Posie embroidery sampler which is my official car craft. I think you've seen it before, it comes out for road trips but is neglected a bit in between. I'm quite proud of that 'O' which I finished last. I think my embroidery skills have definitely improved as I've been sewing it.

My crochet skills and confidence have grown with the hottie too and I was brave enough to chance a scalloped edge to the top opening (quite easy actually with the help of Ms Google). It is my first finished crochet project (that bullseye blanket is a longterm wip I might just pick up again after my enjoyment of the hottie, a bit shamemaking when I look at the date on that post!).

The other green in my life this week is this stash of bottle green Chrysanthemum tea towels in cotton I found while cleaning my work space. I spent some time the other day packaging them up and they are in the newly refreshed shop with all the other stuff I found in the clean up. Good for the present cupboard these ones and only $10 this week.

The other yellow is this little pot which is the only one of my ceramics makes I'm using. The others are still too precious to actually handle! Is that a bit dumb do you think? It makes me very happy anyway this little yellow bowl. I feel pretty clever and crafty everytime it holds actual stuff. I think that pretty much sums up my love of crafting - I get such a kick out of making practical objects that become part of my day, or someone else's.

That other yellow is the radar map which shows our weather week, mad rain for days, which we need, but thank god for those spots of sun that come in between that make it bearable.

My other wip this week is a new baby quilt. New baby (so cute!) came early though so must get back to that very soon! Would help if I didn't cut all the blocks in half on a whim and start making the pattern up as I went along!

Happy week everyone. I am teaching a stamp carving and printing class on Saturday at SewMakeCreate. I think its too late to get into this one but I'll be doing more this year. Just ring Melissa if you want to come play. Its lots of fun!

p.s. I love this blog I came across this week, lovely photos which will make you smile.

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