Tuesday 11 October 2022

Cauliflower Pickles

Here is my recipe for that old classic, Cauliflower Pickles, I particularly love these matched with cheese, and on sandwiches and toasties. 

I started with my mother in law's recipe, but realised quickly I hadn't written it down correctly, so researched a few others to come up with this hybrid. They came out beautifully so I'm archiving it here for the next time I want to make them. (Which, with the way they are being devoured, will be quite soon!)

I use my MagiMix to slice the onions quickly and tearlessly! The cauliflower is easily crumbled into small florets. My preference is for Apple Cider Vinegar, which is more mellow than straight White Pickling Vinegar, but either will do and I like the addition of some Malt Vinegar which I saw on one recipe so I've included it here.

My sterilising method is jars and lids submerged in a large stock pot of water, bring it to the boil and boil for twenty minutes. Jar pickles while hot. 

Cauliflower Pickles


2 cauliflowers cut up small into florets

3 onions chopped


1/2 cup salt

4 cups vinegar (3 cups apple cider or white, one of malt)

2 cups sugar

spice paste

2 tsp turmeric

2 tsp curry powder

1 tsp mustard powder

1 tsp cayenne pepper

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1/3 cup cornflour

1/2 cup water


Add cauliflower and onions to large pot. Cover with water and 1/2 cup salt and leave overnight.

Next day rinse the cauliflower and return to pot.

Add vinegar and sugar, mix through and bring to a simmer.

Simmer 15-20 mins till onion is transparent and veggies almost cooked.

Mix spices with cornflour. Add water and blend.

Add to vegie mixture and cook for 5 mins or until thickened. 

Spoon into sterilised jars.

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