Tuesday, 16 March 2010


Happy Birthday Mr Flowerpress! I had a rush of blood to the head in the cake section of Coles the other day and bought this blue buttercream in a can! Mr F is a mad fisherman and I thought the picture on the can looked a bit like waves. 
Miss A found Luke Skywalker in fishing pose but missing his light sabre and then the green monster turned up while I was looking for a model boat. I couldn't resist this dramatic tableau, the red icing is blood as the [quite cheerful] monster takes his boat and companions to the deep :-)
Oh, and please mind the crumbs and the chinese temple candles - the really important thing is that's rich mud cake underneath, yum! Cake wrecks eat your heart out!
(An editor I used to work with used to say HB Susie, HB on my birthday. So cool but a touch world weary!)


  1. Sheesh. You guys sure know how to do cake.

  2. Blue buttercream in a can??? I'm definitely putting that on the shopping list!
    That is one fab cake.

  3. Toooo fabulous!
    Happy Birthday to lucky Mr F!

  4. That cake is a riot!!!


  5. I love it!! Shows a great sense of humour!!


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