Thursday 25 March 2010

scrappy layout

My old sewing machine broke down again recently, and I only had it fixed a year ago. I've had my old Janome for a looong time. In fact I got it for my 21st (way back in the mists of time!). I've been quite proud of the fact that I had resisted so long trading it for a new model. Make do and mend and all that.

Its followed me around through share houses, travel, marriage, babies. I've made baby blankets and dressups on it, I've made clothes and cushions and sewn on a lot, a lot of tea towel labels!

For a while now though I've been putting up with a fair few bad habits it had picked up along the way. It didn't like going backwards or changing stitches and made a tangled mess if I tried.

So... I think I've earned my new one - please meet my new best friend, the Janome DC2101 :-)

After looking for a good second hand machine I lashed out and bought it in the Janome sale. It is computerised and I think my very favourite thing is the needle up, needle down button. Do you have one? How great is that. Or maybe its the speed setting on the front. Or maybe the accommodating way it changes stitches without making a ball of thread. I've hardly got it out of first gear yet and already I love it.

On Tuesday I had a lovely time sewing a pincushion or two for this lovely swap I've joined via FoxsLane (button on left). I spent the time dreaming of all the future projects I can tackle now, including this rough layout I made and photographed recently. Its an idea for a quilt, based on my Aqua RickRack fabric. If I can work out how to do it (and any/all advice or inspiration pics/tutorials very welcome). I'm sure I'm choosing the hardest design possible but there's something I like about the random layout. (I'll show you the quilter I'm inspired by next week.)

We are away this weekend at J's sister's birthday party out west. Can't wait. A bit of bushwalking and country air. I wish you all a fun weekend. I'm going to drag out my knitting for the car trip - its that time of year again.

Oh and thanks again to everyone for your support of the Show & Tell interviews :-) We've had lots of visits, lots of wonderful comments and some sweet emails. The next one will be in four weeks time, and I've got another fantastic blogger already lined up, you're going to love it. Ooh exciting!


  1. Ohhh, congrats on the new sewing machine!

    And: totally loving those fabrics! What a fresh combination! It's like fancy drinks by a pool. ;-)

  2. How lovely. I also got my Elna for my 21st! It misbehaves badly, despite a recent service. So now I use another Elna I picked up along the way - But I must say your Janome looks amazing! What lovely features it has!

  3. Lovely fabrics - a wonderful combination. Congratulations on your new Janome, I know you will be good friends. Especially if you've not had the privilege of the needle up/down before!

    I am looking forward already to your next blogger's interview.

    Thank you again,

  4. Loving those fabrics and the randomness of the layout. That super duper new machine is bound to make the job that much simpler ;) I bought my first machine (since I guess high school) about a year ago so it has the up down thing and the speed variation as well. Love the needle up and down but I wasn't in to quilting when I bought it and so I probably would have bought the next one up. Oh well maybe in ten yeas time I'll upgrade!

    Have a great weekend! Off to read Rita's interview - one of my all time biggest influences and just all round nice lady!


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