Wednesday 31 March 2010

more squares

Out trip gave me time to catch up on my Afghan squares project which has languished somewhat in the hot weather. It's very hard to knit when its 30+ degrees all the time!
The first square (which I can't seem to capture the colour of, its darker than this) is in a stitch called Inverness diamonds. Then with time to spare and no pattern on hand I did a simple stocking stitch with purl stripes. Its probably called something particular, but you get the idea. I've got a nice nine inch block happening now, which is quite satisfying. I've got the bug again now and I'm thinking it might be time to give cable knitting a go. Or maybe another more detailed lace pattern...
One thing I do know, its time to learn to block and how to sew in the ends properly! My squares aren't so much squares yet but parallelograms.


  1. Yah! These are fabulous! I'm still crocheting green hexagons here. Also, I've finished my 6 flat cushions but have to wash and stretch them into shape (is that called blocking?)... ignorance follows me everywhere! ;) Have fun with yours! Kx

  2. God SUSIE (!) I know what you mean about knitting in the heat and yet come the cooler weather of course I'm wishing i had knitted in the summer so I'd have the blanket/scarf whatever NOW! I love your improv square x


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