Thursday, 4 March 2010


Last week Tania from Myrtle and Eunice wrote a really compelling blog post. To me it articulates so beautifully the struggle many of us have juggling our family, creative and business priorities.

To get the full brilliance of her post you should read through the comments too, there's such a lot of wisdom there, so many women in the same position applauding her for letting go of one piece of the puzzle to make it all work :-)

My job description this week has included so many and varied things, like driving across Sydney to meet a new printer, calculating PAYG, paying bills and wages, backing up my dying laptop and installing a new colour printer, computer work, an evening school band meeting, planting seedlings for the other school's fair and helping set up a science experiment. I pushed an overladen trolley round the supermarket, got small people to band, instrument and winter sport practice and sent them back to school with their homework complete and notes signed. And in between I tried to be a good and present mum, wife, friend, daughter, neice and neighbour (except to that crazy woman across the road who feeds the pigeons and lets her dog bark!).

I often find myself with an overcrowded brain, and heart, (and a very messy desk!) but (on good days!) I see it as part of the compromise made to have so many wonderful facets to my life (it's a good day - can you tell!).

Also this week I spent time in my garden watching the plants embrace the changing of the seasons as we gratefully slide into the mellow chill of Autumn. I'm sure I'm not the only one who won't be sorry to see the back of those summer months of record heat and humidity. I hope the slide into spring is as much a joy to those of you in the northern hemisphere who have suffered such an extreme winter.


  1. Hi Susie,
    oh boy, you sure have touched a nerve...
    I was going to blog about such things today, but I got so over-loaded with it all, i left it.
    Thanks for expressing yourself so beautifully, and enabling someone like me to at least realise i am not going insane...this is just part of the territory.
    The overcrowded brain and heart is a good way to describe the craziness.
    I have complete inertia at present, i hope to shake it off soon, but it's just looking at all the stuff i 'should' be doing. 'Could' be doing, that has me currently frozen.
    You've heard of fight or flight, well I reckon there is also: freeze. that's me.
    I will definitely check out that link.
    Thanks for your honestly.

  2. I have to go read that-thankyou. I also feel like Im juggling all the time- you should see my car; my whole life is in there at the moment. I guess we are all searching for a balance and it's nice to hear how other people are doing out there...x

  3. That blog post was a great whopping hit of therapy for me - and I am mighty grateful for every one of those comments - there are some wise bloggy souls out there!

  4. My philosophy is: it's better to be busy than be bored :)

  5. Nice to know we're all in it together, and I'd much prefer busy to bored!

  6. Hi Susie,

    Hooray for you, for juggling things so well, and for keeping your chin up when things fall down a bit!

    These photos are absolutely stunning too - thank you for sharing your thoughts and pictures :-)


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