Tuesday, 30 March 2010

road trip

Back last night from our party weekend and straight into a fast week. My darling J and D turn 9 on Friday and lots of things on the agenda before then. Amongst other things, on Thursday I need 60 cupcakes for school,  on Friday I need some presents wrapped and ready! And there's something called Easter happening around then too ;-)
It was lovely to spend time out with family and friends in their rainbow of hairstyles at the Birthday wig-theme party on Saturday (Elvis was there) and a perfect recovery walking on Sunday at my SIL's bush block where the muted colours soothed our sore heads.


  1. Such gorgeous photos! What a beautiful place :) Kx

  2. sounds like the most fun ever! I've never been to a wig party! lol. And your cupcakes look amazing. :) wish someone made some for me! :/ ha ha.


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