Wednesday, 17 March 2010

rosette delizy and a new tea towel

 It took me a short while of drooling over photos and a long time waiting (a year's preorder) to get the beautiful and delightfully named Rosette Delizy rose (I pronounce it Rozette Delizzee, though I'm sure its probably more properly Rwah-sette de Lizée!).

And after all that it sulked. Buds balled and fell off, bugs loved it and ate half of every flower, I slowly lost my excitement. Rosette Delizy was usually a short lived disappointment of browning and stunted yellow blooms.

This autumn it has finally got its mojo happening and it is well worth the wait! Like the lovely Mutabilis rose the flowers change as they age, starting a yellowish pink and turning a rich barbie pink

 When I came to style one of my new tea towels today - the Chrysanthemum design in Rose pink - I had lots of girlie satisfaction photographing it with a vase of fat roses including Rosette Delizy, Baronne Henriette de Snoy and Gloire de Dijon, my pink teas. If that's your thing too, its in the shop now, but you might have to wait longer for the rose.


  1. love the new tea towel gorgeous colour!

  2. beautiful plump gorgeous roses and photographs and print!


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