Sunday, 20 June 2010

gocco to giclee

Sadly Riso, the makers of Gocco, stopped making and distributing Gocco printers and bulbs back in December 2008. And while I have a small stockpile of inks, bulbs and masters the days are really numbered for this lovely format. I'm hoping someone will develop a similar system that has the same wonderful results as Gocco printing but the reality is that they haven't yet. So to keep producing my prints I need to start switching them over to another printing method.

Recently I've been experimenting with scanning, papers and printing to produce Giclee versions, and I've been delighted with the results. Excitingly a new six colour Epson printer and some Archival Epson Matte Paper has given me prints that are almost indistinguishable from the original gocco print (see second pic) - they have all the colour, detail and texture of the original. On top of that the prints are much more consistently printed than the Gocco prints.

This favourite Teapot print, for example is quite hard to print well in any numbers which is one reason it has been out of stock for so long in the shop, in fact I'm embarrassed to say its been a year since the last print sold. I'm happy to say that this popular print is back now. To celebrate I'm selling it for a while at the discounted price of $10!

In the meantime I am going to hang on to my stash of gocco supplies and will keep them for printing original new work. I have a new print planned, too long on the drawing board, which you're going to love... I will give you just one hint, its another in the shoe series, to keep all those Ruby Slippers company. And the Ruby Slippers themselves are the next print that will make the change to giclee printing. Watch out for the discount when I introduce them soon.

Completely off the subject, check out this amazing video of the world's fastest knitter, I stumbled across it the other day when I was checking some continental knitting vids. A-mazing!

And be sure to be back here bright and early on Tuesday for this month's installment of Show & Tell. I'm formatting it at the moment and I know you're going to love it!


  1. Epson do make some amazing printers for giclees. Your teapot print looks great! Have fun experimenting.

  2. love the print - seems to be something going on with the post though...repeats three times in the email feed. guess you can't get too much of a good thing!

  3. Whoops, sorry, it's fixed now.
    I went back in a couple of times and made some small edits but it reposted twice instead!
    I didn't realise till I saw it in my reader.


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