Thursday 10 June 2010

the chicken spots

I've had a little helper this week, Master D, despite being vaccinated, came out in chicken pox last Saturday. We've had a slow week recuperating, watching Deadly 60 on ABC 3, working on his public speaking piece, feeding the goldfish, lunch together, a bit of work for me, two get well parcels from his Granny and his Aunty (so spoilt) with colouring, mags, textas, good chocolate (and a card directing him to share it with Mum!).

With time to play I've been having a bit of fun making repeat patterns in Photoshop, easy once you get the hang of it. The first one is inspired by the chicken spots which are slowly fading. I took the colours from this pic. The second is a design that popped in my head the other day and I drew straight into the computer, I'm not sure about the colours but I love the shapes. The third is a simple but effective design I'm making for Miss A's ongoing biscuit project, part of the packaging she has designed for her banana biscuits.

Its been a nice week, I needed it, my cold has dragged its way to two weeks and it was time to give up and let myself be sick. And Mr D is lovely company, so sweet, a good laugh and a great patient.

I don't think its too disloyal to say that I hope the vaccination does its work with the other two. I didn't get much done this week and I'm hoping this is the end of the spots!

p.s Good luck to South Africa for the World Cup! It looks like its going to be an amazing time there, I'm excited for them. And I really hope the Socceroos do well in their games!


  1. Bummer about the pox - I hear they are going around and am crossing everything that my little one doesn't get them. I love the spot design - very cute! Nic

  2. Sheesh. Chicken pox never looked so designer funky in any of my experience. FABULOUS colour palette!

  3. Lovely to be inspired even by chicken pox! That's a creative person!
    Thanks for the wishes for the soccer. Even though our team has not faired too well, it's been a hugely exciting time for our country, hosting the all these international guests.


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