Tuesday 15 June 2010

continental style

Brrrrr, suddenly winter is here. You can always tell when it starts snowing in the mountains because the air gets a chilly bite, but the sun is shining again so the days are bright and clear and lovely.

I've been commanded to knit this hat on Ravelry for Miss A with wool we chose a while ago. Because I felt like knitting last week and didn't have right needles for this though I started this gathered scarf too. Such cute patterns, that Ravelry is a very dangerous site!

On the weekend I ventured into the city to a real knitting shop, Morris and Sons in York Street where I bought these great new needles, the silver ones in the photo, they are Knit Pro circulars with interchangeable tips. Unfortunately I was too overwhelmed by all the yarn and didn't buy even one ball, I get so confused by all the plys and things and, well, I do have a couple of balls left in the stash!

 The new circulars are as wonderful as I hoped, lovely sharp smooth needles which slip through the wool so easily. The cable is perfectly bendy too. To celebrate this innovation I decided to finally try Continental knitting which has been intriguing me since I discovered knitting videos on the net. All I've read tells me this is a much faster technique and less hassle to interchange between knit to purl so I wanted to see how it felt. Of course I'm not that fast and I'm not enjoying it quite as much as my old style yet - but I've only been at it a day! Despite that I think its quite easy to pick up and feels like less work/movement. Have any of you made the change? Do you find it much quicker? I'm thinking my knitting is much looser and I actually read somewhere that some people have to knit on smaller needles to allow for that. We'll see.

For any of you wondering about the new Show & Tell interview I've put it off a week due to sickness, holidays and general busy-ness. No hints I'm afraid, but I know you are going to really love this one!! Come back next Tuesday and see - actually I have three more lined up now and I'm looking forward to each one so much :-)

p.s. The collage at the top is from Master J who whipped it up the other night in secret! How sweet, I was so very touched and emotional when he presented it! I think I'm going to have to frame it!


  1. Love the happy family collage!!! you must frame it and be v proud!!

  2. Coming over all continental, eh? I sort of like the notion of ambidextrous knittery. Especially when one's children are COMMANDING them to knit!

  3. I've been inspired to try the continental style, and have knit my first row just this week. Continental style looks like it makes so much more sense, I'm hoping it will solve my tendency to hunch up my shoulders when I knit.

    Here is the post with a great video link that finally got me moving.


  4. Lucky you, such lovely needles! I like continental style for circular stocking stitch, but not for purling. But perhaps I haven't found the right technique yet. It does feel like less work - but I do have to use pointier needles than I use for english style knitting.


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