Tuesday 4 March 2008


I've been cruising Ebay for a while now, eyeing off the wooden letterpress type and watching it sell for huge prices. I know I'm not alone in finding these objects beautiful and wanting some for my own!
This is the first of three lots I bought (the smallest!) I spent too much but it was lots of fun.
Can't wait for them to arrive now. I think I might even have a try at printing some cards with them. I just love printing in all its forms and block printing with these and feeling some of the history in them and appreciating the letter forms for the art and design they are, fantastic.


  1. Wow they're so cool! I never even thought of looking for those on ebay... Love the mish mash of letters and numbers and all the different styles.

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  3. Thanks Danielle, I love the mixture too, more attractive to me than the complete fonts. Don't you love the the big E, it's like a circus type!

  4. Yeah the E is gorgeous!
    Thanks so much for sharing... I loved your pic so much I had to check them out on ebay and Mum has ended up buying a couple of sets to frame as an engagement pressie for us (choosing sets which included letters & numbers significant to us). Really special :-)

  5. Yay, that's wonderful!
    They would look so fantastic framed. I may have to do that with some of mine.
    Congratulations on your engagement :-)


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