Thursday 20 March 2008


I recently bought some soft cut eraser material and I've been carving away, inspired by the beautiful work I've seen in Etsy and blogland.
My other great discovery has been the Versa Color stamp pads which come in an amazing and inspiring range of beautiful colours and have a great painty finish. If you are stamping and don't have these rush out and get one now!
I bought four colours that you can see here, peony (for the peonies), imperial blue for the little wren who lives in my garden singing his heart out, baby blue to experiment with a lighter colour stamp and fresh green for all the leaf repeat patterns I've been playing around with - more fabric dreams :-)
I finally got round to having my logo stamp made too, in violet! This has been on my to do list for ages, I've been wanting it for stamping on the back of cards, for labels and a million other things. I love that hand stamped effect and it think it suits my handmade cards. (Not sure why this pic is so small, I have trouble with portrait pics, anyone know why?)

Happy Easter to all. I am going away for the long weekend, to visit family and to camp here one night:

More close ups on my flickr


  1. Love the leaf motif, really beautiful.
    I'm in Sydney too and have been searching for some soft cut eraser... where can I find some?! I've tried lino cutting what I need to do but have hurt myself too much!

  2. Thanks Kate :-)
    I found the soft cut online at this Australian site after searching around a bit:
    I got the larger block and I'm still using it, and it came really quickly as I remember. Hope you have fun with it!

  3. Apologies for not thanking you earlier, I really am slack!..... but
    hey! thanks so much for that!


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