Tuesday 10 June 2008

flower rescue

When she's in town my sister in law and a friend often go out in early morning to the Flemington flower markets. She especially likes to rescue those bunches which aren't quite perfect, the ones destined for the dump bin. Sort of like a flower rescue service. This morning I sorted through the armful of bunches she gave me, trimming leaves and damaged blooms and choosing vases.

As you can see they are still very beautiful and often only a couple of buds are damaged. The other thing I love about it is it helps me to justify my large vase collection.
I've had this old shell vase for many years. I love the shape and the beautiful pastel colours. I remember years ago when the op shops were full of wonderful finds like this. These days if you can find them they are usually much more expensive to buy.
These crysanthemums are the perfect colour match.

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  1. I like your sister-in-law .. flower rescue ... love it.


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