Tuesday 31 March 2009

cool iris

I found this Firefox add-on a while ago and thought it was nice, but didn't really see how much I'd use it till now. Recently while I've been on Flickr I've wanted to browse a large set, or pool and have a closer look at some of the pictures. This seemed a bit like hard work until i thought to use Cool Iris. If you like to browse Flickr, this is a 'cool' way to do it, you can sort of fly along the pictures and click on the ones that take your fancy, zooming in and out like a computer game! It takes a couple of seconds to fix the definition but you can usually tell whether you want to wait and see more. If you know what I mean :-)
Oh, and there are other sites you can look at, and I think it goes with other browsers.

p.s. Wow, I've just noticed I can do it with this blog too, if I hover the mouse over the first picture of the post it shows the double square of the Cool Iris logo and I just click the photo. A nice way to look back over the pictures I've posted over the blog's history.

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