Thursday, 2 April 2009

birthday x 2

My beautiful boys turned eight today!
We were woken at 5.30 to find all the lights on and someone riffling through presents in the lounge room :-) Luckily he was convinced to go back to bed for a while.
J and D are in different classes this year, for the first time, and that meant 50 cupcakes went up to school today. I did mean to get a photo of them but, sadly... this is the last forlorn orange one. The turquoise cupcakes all got eaten, they did look nice. In fact they all looked wonderful together, orange with turquoise sprinkles and turquoise with orange sprinkles, you'll just have to imagine. It's quite a fantastic colour combination! (Colours chosen by the boys - they had quite definite opinions.)
Happy Birthday Darlings!!!

(Don't you love these funny balloons with ears I got at the supermarket, the owl is so stern!)

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