Friday 13 August 2010




Last year I spoke confidently about how I'd mastered putting in invisible zips and said cushions would be coming soon to an Etsy shop near you... its taken just a bit longer than I planned to get my act together (surprise surprise) but here at last are the first two. I've got more planned soon too - but maybe don't hold your breath this time!

Invisible zips are very cool, and surprisingly easy to sew once you get your head around it. They give a really professional finish to your cushion, the zip hides beautifully out of sight and gives a great line. The cushion I made last year has survived family life amazingly well - both the fabric and the making, and its a hard life round here for cushions.

If you decide to sew an invisible zip (yes, do!) you need an invisible zip foot. My new machine came with one but I think you can get cheap plastic ones for a few dollars.

The other thing you need to do is iron the zipper teeth flat before you start. Sounds confusing but look at the picture below and it makes more sense. I've shown the ironing and a before and after. In fact I've put together a few photos to show the process. See, easy!

Invisible Zip

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